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Dua for love between husband and wife Causing friction and discord among Muslims are two of the aspirations of Shaitan. Shaitan there's nothing left to do. In order to protect yourself from it, one must protect himself from Satan himself damn, and influence. Recite Surah Baqarah is a means to protect the house from one of Shaitan. If there is discord and bitterness between husband and wife, husband or wife should make a habit of reciting Sura Dua for love between husband and wife at home and then blow him / her and the whole room / house. The Holy Quran You should be indicated on the time at home. It comes in the hadith: The house that reads the Koran, raising the blessings there, angels look and Shaitan leaves. And the house that is not mentioned the Holy Qur'an, is about the residents, to reduce the blessings there, residence and leave Shaitan makes angels.

The husband should make a habit of every time you enter the house, offering two first nafl rak'as Salat. Similarly, when leaving home, always offering two nafl rak'as Salat. Insalach, this will also be huge benefits. A man married his dua woman for love between husband and wife Ibn Rawaha (Radiyallahu anhu) after his death and said: "Do you know why marry you married, so tell me about the actions. Abdullah Ibn Rawaha (Radiyallahu anhu) at home, "the woman said." Every time he intended to leave the house, we offer two rak'as Every time I entered the house, he offered two rak'as. Before Sleep

dua for husband wife love relation

Apart from being consistent in the aforementioned wazeefas it must be specifically to meet all mandates of sharia and how to stay away from sins. One should not take part in something called the anger and rage of dua for love between husband and wife, the Most High, because no one can achieve any generosity of this world or the next if Allah Ta'ala is not happy with him / she. And if, by virtue of being a human being, has taken the sin, after realizing their mistake, you should turn immediately to Allah Ta'ala to repentance seeking their forgiveness.

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