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I have decided to expand into free black magic spell . I figured that people should be able to take their own ethical decisions concerning the use of witchcraft, and not get too hung up on the whole black / white concept. Who am I to decide for you what is right or wrong for your life or circumstances? Acceptance black witchcraft as a natural part of Magic is actually an important step in becoming an experienced witch. I do not think you need to spend a lot of time with black magic spells, just that you have to understand them.

Purpose of black magic spells are varied, as with all magic. You may want black magic love spells or magic to revenge, for example. Or you can work with a good old curse. Whether you use the term "black" or the slightly less ominous "dark magic", the idea will be the same. It applies to any kind of dark sorcery. Lucifer an Witchcraft is another form of black magic that focuses on the biblical figure of Lucifer. Other forms of this and other satanic paths will be examined soon.

If you do not want something too serious to happen to another person, try a good accident spell, instead of a full-out curse. Get in touch with your own darker side can be helped with some shadow spells too. I am also going to cover some of the basics about black magic spell casting, if you are new to this type of witchcraft. Followers of Wicca may need a little more guidance on the use of black magic with Wicca. When you begin to develop your darker skills, try a beginner black magic spells for a place to start.

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