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The term witchcraft is associated with religion, mythology and anthropology. The process can be explained as a method where people used magic or supernatural powers for certain purposes. Witchcraft has been used for bad purposes as well as good purposes. People who practice origin witchcraft specialist known as witches. When we talk about the origin witchcraft specialist , should its widespread use over the past times mentioned. Several cultures worldwide exploited supernatural and magical powers for different purposes.

The origin witchcraft specialist can be traced back to the origins of human civilization. It had a result of the need to improve or change to the life of a person or other with the help of unknown forces that are believed to exist in this world. For the most part was origin witchcraft specialist practiced by old women, but there have been cases of men using the concept. Experienced witches were important because they had a good knowledge of all aspects of the process.

It is known that witchcraft had been popular in the period between the 14th and 18th centuries in the so-called "early modern Europe". During this time Witchcraft was considered to be against Christianity and could face serious consequences. This phenomenon was seen primarily in the so-called "Germanic Europe". The theory known as "witch-cult hypothesis" is important, when we talk about the origin witchcraft specialist . According to this theory the European Sand witchcraft processes was considered to be an underlying Pagan religion. This theory gained popularity in the nineteenth and the early years of the twentieth century.

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