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Istikhara Dua is highly recommended to perform Istikhara beans by you instead of being done by others. Solve for Marriage problems by Istikhara is the solution to make marriage life beautiful and seamless. In today's time all busy hand hectic schedule and the reason they are not able to give time to their relationships and the same applies in the husband-wife relationship also that after a whole day busy schedule and all day office frantic man gets quite tired and when their wives say anything to them they got frusted and this thing was the problem in the relationship and creates Lots of misunderstandings, and these misconceptions cause dispute and divorce problems, no one wants to get away with their spouse, but circumstances force them to do this, and this thing is not good for couples as well as for their family and children are too.

Istikhara is prayer, as we do to fulfill our wishes. Istikhara for marriage dispute problem is the best way to resolve disputes marriage between husband and wife when the husband and wife argument gets too much then this convert to the selfish and this ego converts to divorce problems. Separation of husband-wife not only affect the couple infect affect the whole family and Childers also so before it gets late use this mantra power and save your marriage life.

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